dryfella ... incontinence products for men.

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 Products designed to solve men's problems.
A discreet service. Delivered in plain wrap.

  • Over 50 product variations - shields, pads, underpants - size S to XXL - Starter Packs and regular supplies.
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Starter Packs

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Light incontinence

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Disposable shields and thin pads will solve your light incontinence problem. Can be worn with existing fitting underwear.
Est. capacity 200-300 mls



Moderate incontinence

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Get a solution for your moderate incontinence today. Products designed for men. All products are disposable and have deodorizers.
Est. capacity 300-900 mls



Heavier incontinence

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Heavier incontinence requires special products including 'pull-up' pants. These products suit men. Special underwear also available.
Est. capacity 900 mls plus


Incontinence is a problem for men from all walks of life and it affects them in many different ways. In fact, one in ten men over 60 have bladder issues, but it can start much earlier.  At dryfella - we deliver dryness!  Browse Products