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Why we offer a men's range of incontinence products

Lots of men are pretty hopeless at managing their incontinence, especially light wetting. 

Light Leakage - developing incontinence

If you are a mature male reading this, then you will know what we're talking about. It's those annoying drips at the end of a pee and the occasional short squirt just after a pee.  They can be quite embarrassing and leave a wet stain on pants, urine down the leg and urine can sting and of course smell. That stinging is dangerous - it can cause nasty rashes and worse.

About urine 

Urine is a waste product that passes through the urinary tract and is expelled at the penis. Urine is mostly water (about 95%), however, the rest can vary depending on what you've eaten, drunk, breathed or been exposed to, but it usually consists of urea, uric acid, ammonia, hormones, dead blood cells, proteins, salts, minerals and toxins. Technically urine is sterile, so in desperation in an emergency you can drink it, but urine can be toxic. When creating urine your body is trying to dispose of chemicals that are not usable by your body and can sometimes be harmful. So the big issue is, urine left on the skin can be harmful. Open wounds will sting and can become infected.  Urine can be very smelly.

It's easy to solve the problem

Trouble is, most men don't know the problem can be dealt with relatively easily.  Most also don't know specially designed products exist. Even if they do know, they don't find the idea of a visit to a pharmacy to discuss the problem very appealing.  These products are also hard to find elsewhere. So, we decided to do something about it - hence our website. 

Buy online

Setting up this 'online' business has been very interesting. We had a mail order business years ago, so it's exciting learning about the 'online' world. We have set out to make it easy for men to try out a superior range of products and find what suits their personal situation best.

Starter Packs

We've put together FOUR STARTER PACKS. The idea is to decide whether you need:
  1. Light dryfella Classic Range Starter Pack 1  ($20)
  2. Moderate dryfella Abri-ATTENDS Starter Pack 2  ($20)
  3. Heavier dryfella Molicare Mix Starter Pack 3  ($20)
  4. Moderate - Heavier dryfella Pull Up pants Starter Pack 4  ($20)

Looking after yourself

If you have a heavier leakage problem, you are likely to already be under medical care.  However, if you only have light to moderate to medium, you may be trying to manage it yourself.  We don't recommend that.  Take the initiative, go and talk to your doctor.  In the meantime, you may still wish to purchase a Starter Pack so you can take control yourself, then show your doctor what you are using. The Starter Pack will arrive in plain wrapping to protect your privacy.  (See Starter Pack Options - think about what you would like to try out and view the size options.)

Order regular supplies

Once you have decided which products suit you best, simply order your Standard Pack supplies from dryfella and we'll ship them to you in plain wrapping to protect your privacy. (Have a look at the Standard Packs now.)

This is a private business

Yes, in more ways than one.  It's a private subject for men. Men just don't like talking about it. They certainly don't like others to know they have a problem.
  • We at dryfella are VERY sensitive about that. 
  • We respect your privacy.
  • We send parcels in plain wrapping.
  • We only communicate about orders, queries and providing advice.
Any questions - send an email to info@dryfella.co.nz or call us on   0800dryfella    0800 379 335

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