2 Learn about managing incontinence - men's bladder leakage.

Lost in translation.

At dryfella we would like to ban the word 'incontinence' for many of our customers because the word means different things to different people. However, it does signal a big problem - a problem that can't be underestimated.

One in ten men over 60 have incontinence, but it can start much earlier. 'It' is a problem most men won't talk about let alone seek advice for.

We at dryfella are mainly talking about light incontinence, drips, slightly wet underpants, small (but dangerous) urine splashes onto the leg, embarrassing stained and smelly trousers and shorts.

Why call our business dryfella?

Well we're talking about dryness. Wetness is embarrassing, dangerous and mostly, it's smelly. Wetness can also have clinical consequences. Urine converts to ammonia on your skin which can be pretty vicious - it may cause irritation, rashes and left unchecked serious skin infections. Isn't it better to manage the wetness problem than the outcome?

Managing wetness

Here's four ways you can take charge of incontinence.

Man up - go and talk to your doctor about it.
Exercise the pelvic muscles before they weaken so they don't loosen and will not close firmly anymore. (See more about this on the exercise video)
For very light incontinence - like a few drips after being to the toilet. Give up urinals. Use a cubicle for privacy, tear off some toilet paper and dry yourself. Slow down. Take your time. Fixed.
To manage light to medium incontinence - use the purpose designed mens pads from dryfella.

You can buy a Starter Pack ($26) so you can find out what suits you best. To see how these products are used, click here.

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