Customer Feedback

Marketers love to have feedback on their products and services. 

However, at dryfella, we really don't expect a lot of feedback.  And certainly, we will never publish anything personal on this page that hasn't been agreed in writing by the person concerned.  And, we will only ever sign off comments with initials.

This is a security and privacy issue and we take it very seriously.
It's nice when customer feedback says it all!

"Hi, I'm interested in your products and wondering if you could give me information on delivering to Australia. In particular Brisbane. Is there a minimum qty, delivery charges etc. Fantastic website. Simple, clear, easy to use and very informative on the products.
Thanks for the prompt reply.
I found all I needed to know on your webpage and placed an order.
Looking forward to it. I wish Aussie companies would design websites like yours.
I have been looking for years for detailed information on product and this is a no brainer site, brilliant."