Dealing with light incontinence.

Incomplete emptying can cause light incontinence - light bladder leakage (LBL).

To achieve more complete bladder emptying, a urinal is not the best place to be. Sitting on a toilet and 'encouraging' the bladder to empty seems to help.  It also seems that if you go into a cubicle, the relative privacy of the environment can help make the visit complete.
The thing is, men have to be a little patient. Most light leakage occurs when men are in a hurry - and sadly - that seems to be often. Also, many men feel the need to go again within minutes.  The trouble is, men often rush to the toilet and don't take their time to fully empty the urethra. 
For most men, if they take their time - or more like - if they don't rush their visit to the toilet - they won't suffer from the embarrassment of LBL.
Urine can simply collect in the widest part of your urethra and is not 'voided' completely. You can help with your hand by using gentle pressure behind your scrotum to force out any remaining urine.

You can also try exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles. This can be done anywhere as you tense, hold and relax your pelvic muscles. However, this shouldn't be done too often because 'urine retention' is not recommended. (See pelvic exercises)

If you are suffering from LBL - light incontinence - you should talk to your GP.  In the meantime, you could use one of the ATTENDS  'light leakage' shields available from dryfella to at least 'catch' the drips. Or order a Start Pack to try out other options.