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How prevalent is male bladder leakage?

There is less information and illustrations available on male incontinence.  The problem is that male incontinence has flown under the radar for a long time while there is a vast amount of information and products available for women's and children's incontinence. Most women understand how to manage such health issues and know where to find products. Women also find it easier to talk about health issues with family, friends and retail staff. And, because the problem is better understood for women, volumes are greater and there are lots of options available. Not so for men.

Men are sensitive about their health (for sensitive read ignorant too!)

The issue is not helped by men being so sensitive (and macho) about their 'private parts' and generally not wanting to talk about it - even to their family and friends.  But, when the subject is broached and a man decides he will take some action, it isn't easy to find where to buy products.  While some shops have a limited range, a man has to buy a full pack to find out whether a particular product suits him.  That's why dryfella has two Starter Packs available so you can try out a range of products and find the most suitable solution.

Top quality selection

dryfella has selected European products to present a comprehensive range of options.  The products are sourced from Sweden, Denmark and Germany. They are of the highest quality and have been designed to suit the male anatomy.

Helping men manage the early onset of bladder leakage

Leakage can occur from a very young age - even in mid thirties - but particularly in mid to late 50s and 60s.  Men often don't manage the situation well.  They tend to ignore the problem and expect the drips and dribbles to be caught in their normal underwear. That can work for a while, but there is a risk of odours and 'wetness show' on trousers which can be embarrassing. (Try hiding the smell after eating asparagus!)

Manage the light problem when it starts

It's for this reason we have a range of products which help to manage the problem and can become a part of daily life without fuss or drama.  Men can simply slip one of these purpose designed shields into their normal snug fitting underwear and the drips and dribbles will be caught and dealt with - problem solved.  The ATTENDS shields (ATTENDS 1 [100-189mls] & ATTENDS 2 [190-250mls]) quickly soak up the urine while the protective layer remains dry.  They are a very practical solution. Easy to carry around and dispose of. By adopting a shield early on, you will live a stress free life and should the problem grow over time, you will be experienced in managing things.

Starter Packs make it easier

You can try out a wide range of products by ordering a Starter Pack and find which product suits you best.  The pads and underpants Starter Pack has especially designed underpants included so you can experience wearing these with the products. The shields and pads are disposable - while the underpants will last many washes when washed with care.  (See fitting video)

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Help others

Once you have solved your problem, you may be able to help others by broaching the subject with them. That would be a nice and friendly thing to do.

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