- Incontinence pad construction

Virtually all incontinence pads whether for men or women are made the same way.  The pads have outer and inner layers - some for absorption and some as part of construction stability.  There are of course subtle and some significant differences. There are different absorption levels and different outer layers, some pads are softer than others and some have less 'rustleness.' [It's not nice to hear a swish swish as you walk.]  Some have side leak protectors and some are definitely more comfortable to wear than others.

The key to good construction is the rate at which the pad draws away the urine through the 'skin touch' layer into the absorption 'media.'  And of course whether the 'skin touch' layer remains 'dry' and 'neutral PH' to avoid skin irritation. There are big differences in the quality of all construction layers and absorption media. The next issue is odour.  There are superior and inferior deodorizers.  This is a key feature in the quality of the products and higher quality products have superior deodorizers.

Some of this is easily seen, some is hidden.  We at dryfella are committed to quality products and all our incontinence products are highly regarded top quality European brands.

That's why we have put together some Starter Packs so your can try out examples before you make a standard pack purchase decision.