Light incontinence shields and guards for men.

Most men don't know purpose designed shields and guards exist to deal with light incontinence.

The dryfella on-line business helps men deal with this really difficult and somewhat embarrassing problem. The embarrassment mostly stems from having to explain their problem to retail staff who often don't know very much about men's incontinence.

Most light incontinence can be avoided by taking a little longer at the toilet to ensure the urethra is empty, but many men rush their toilet visit and have some drips as a result.
The point is, whether you take your time or not, you may still suffer from the embarrassment of drips and leakage shortly after going to the toilet.
To avoid this - we think it's better to slip a shield or guard into your normal snug fit underwear and know you are safe.  Any light 'spillage' will be soaked away and you won't have the problem of wetness or odour.
These light incontinence men's products are specially designed and are really comfortable to wear.  Typically you will slip one into your underpants in the morning and dispose of it at night.  You'll probably not even find it 'wet' at the end of the day because the special absorbent properties keep the product dry.
With a light incontinence product in place you can enjoy the peace of mind that any unplanned drips or 'small spurts' will be caught and you won't have any wetness or smells. (Imagine the smell after eating asparagus!).
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OR You can 'buy and try' a range with our Starter Packs and find out what suits you best.

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