Photos on our Home Page

The people photos on the Home Page of our website.

You may wonder how come we have a few people photos on our website when we say how sensitive we are about maintaining privacy.  Well the truth is, these people are paid models who agreed to having their photo on the site to provide our website designers at Zeald with some pretty nice styling. 

We're very proud of the result and we're grateful these people agreed to add some 'personality' for us. It's pretty scary that 1 in 10 men over 60 have some form of incontinence, be it very small or otherwise. [Studies show incontinence can start as early as the late thirty years of age.]

We simply wanted to show an indicative range of men in different situations.  For sure, this sensitive heath issue can be managed and overcome very easily - that's what dryfella is here to help you with it.

Now for a small confession. One of the 'models' is a director in dryfella, but I'm not telling you which one!