Qualifications for supplying a FREE sample*

dryfella.co.nz has limited availability for supply of a single unit FREE sample of:
  Before requesting a sample (1 per customer), you should spend some time on the site and read the detailed descriptions of the products in our range.  Each product has a design purpose, and each has a nominal absorbency capacity rating - a 'mls capacity.'  We indicate these with the 'bubbles' symbol as well.

It's important you request the product sample that is most suitable for your requirements. If you need more than one product to 'try out' we suggest you order one of our Starter Packs - to save time finding the solution that best suits your needs.

*To qualify for a free sample, you need to supply some relevant information.
Send an email to info@dryfella.co.nz.
Please include a complete physical address and phone number.
[We cannot deliver a PO Box number.]
Please include some helpful information to briefly describe the intended recipient's situation. [For sample selection purposes only]

Please note - Only ONE sample per customer. Click here to claim your free sample.
NB Samples will only be supplied via the dryfella.co.nz info request email - NOT available via the 0800 number.

See dryfella.co.nz qualifying statements regarding FREE sample supply.
  1. SUPPLY OF A FREE SAMPLE REMAINS ENTIRELY AT THE DISCRETION OF dryfella.co.nz. Request for supply of a free sample accepts dryfella.co.nz may contact for feedback.
  3. dryfella.co.nz reserves the right to supply whatever sample product is available at any time.
  4. dryfella.co.nz reserves the right to NOT SUPPLY a requested sample if the same person has ordered and been sent a free sample previously. An email will be sent advising this.
  5. dryfella.co.nz reserves the right to NOT SUPPLY a requested sample if such samples have become unavailable to dryfella.co.nz from its suppliers.
  6. dryfella.co.nz reserves the right to not process a FREE sample order at any time without stating reason or otherwise.  dryfella.co.nz can refuse to supply a FREE sample without reason. In the case of non processing or non supply, dryfella.co.nz retains the right to email the customer to advise a FREE sample is not available and dryfella.co.nz is not liable to deliver such requested sample.
  7. dryfella.co.nz not withstanding statements on the website regarding privacy and security, reserves the right to supply its FREE sample suppliers with verifying evidence to demonstrate that FREE samples supplied by them have been supplied to customers.