dryfella Starter Packs.

Starter Packs                 

To make it easier to 'try out' these special men's products, we have prepared Starter Packs with a selection of single units so you can 'buy and try' before you order larger quantities.

There are two dryfella Starter Packs to choose from. (See Below.)
Note: You need to choose your size - then order the Starter Pack that suits you.
dryfella  Pads & Underpants Starter Pack
Pads Underpants Starter Pack dryfella
dryfella Pads & Underpants Starter Pack contains 10 products.
Delivered in plain packaging - discreet and secure so you can try out ideal products for you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Pads & underpants Starter Pack contains:
Molicare products - Active, Protect, Comfort Maxi, Moliform and Molipants Soft.
Abri-San 3, Abri-San 4, Abri-Man Formula 1, Abri-Fix Net pants and Attends for men 1.
Pull Ups Starter Pack 4

Mobile Flex dryfella TN L
Pull Ups - Starter Pack 4
for MODERATE to HEAVIER INCONTINENCE. (Select here to view individual items.)

Pull Ups Starter Pack contains two of each of MOLICARE MOBILE Pull Ups and Abri-FLEX ZERO Pull Ups.

We selected these so you can experience the look and feel and included two of each to make your trial easier to judge. Pull Ups are typically worn at night, however many have found them ideal for daytime use as well.  They are disposable and very popular because everything is 'contained' in the pants. Then just pull the side tabs for easy-off and disposal.

We've selected what we believe are the best products specially designed for men. They are anatomically shaped for men's 'bits and pieces', are comfortable, unobtrusive and others can't see you are wearing them. They work because the special absorbency properties soak away the wetness to leave your skin dry. They include special deodorize properties to kill the smell. You'll be safe, happy and confident again. All good news.

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