Classic Light SP1

dryfella Classic Light Starter Pack 1

Classic Light
Starter Pack 1
Contains 5 items.

dryfella Classic Light Range SP1 Starter Pack contains 5 products. Delivered in plain packaging - discreet and secure so you can try out ideal products for you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


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Molimed ACTIVE

Molicare Active dryfella CC2


1 MoliMed ACTIVE, designed to be worn with own snug fitting underwear.

The ACTIVE has a comfortable pouch design.
(See fitting instruction)
  • Specially designed for male anatomy.
  • Adhesive strip keeps product secure.
  • Soft textile back-sheet for maximum comfort.
  • Dry-Plus layer with super-absorbent core.
  • Optimum security and protection against re-wetting.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Neutralisers prevent unpleasant odours.
  • 210-300 mls capacity.
You can buy MoliMed ACTIVE in a 14 unit Standard Pack
Attends 1 Shield

Attends dryfella CC2


1 ATTENDS 1 - designed to be worn with your own snug fitting underwear. (See fitting instruction)

ATTENDS 1 is an anatomically shaped designed drip shield.  The 'tighter' core, called airlaid, provides a product that is slim and yet highly absorbent. 

Odour Protection technology minimises the risk of unpleasant odours developing.

ATTENDS 1 has a cotton-like material on the back sheet, giving the feeling of a natural addition to fitting underwear.  The adhesive strip keeps the product in place.
100-189 mls capacity.

You can buy ATTENDS 1 in a 25 unit Standard Pack

NB:  You can also buy Attends 2 (190-250 mls capacity) in a 16 unit Standard Pack.
Molicare Protect dryfella CC2 edited-1


1 MoliMed PROTECT, V-shaped for male anatomy.

The PROTECT pad has side cuffs that ensure your 'bits and pieces' fit snugly into the product without bulging in your trousers. It's very effective and will manage your problem really well until you experience heavier or more constant flow.  (See fitting instruction)
  • Anti-leakage cuffs and a highly absorbent core.
  • Adhesive strip to secure in snug fitting underwear or MoliPants
  • Breathable textile back-sheet to ensure healthy skin climate.
  • Award-winning pad design. (HARTMANN Award)
  • 300-400 mls capacity.
You can buy MoliMed PROTECT in a 14 unit Standard Pack
Abri-man Formula 1

AbriMan Formula1 dryfella CC2



1 Abri-Man Formula 1

Abri-Man Formula product is available in two absorption capacities - 450mls and 700mls.  (This is the volume of liquid that can be absorbed by the pad.) 

Formula 1 - 450 mls suits most men with light to moderate incontinence, while the Formula 2 - 700 mls suits most men with light to moderate incontinence. 

This product fits the male anatomy ensuring comfort and safety.  It has an effective deodorizer and the Abri-Man 'Air Plus' foil for soft discreet use which allows the skin to breathe and reduce the risk of skin irritation.Formula 1 has comfortable side leakage barriers, the channel system and 'Top Dry' layer providing fast dispersion of liquid and a dry surface against the skin. (See fitting instruction)

Adhesive strip to secure in snug fitting underwear or MoliPants.

You can buy Abri-Man Formula 1 in a 14 unit Standard Pack

NB: You can also buy Abri-Man Formula 2 (700 mls capacity) in a 14 unit Standard Pack.

Molipants-dryfella CC
One pair of MoliPants SOFT specially designed underwear.

MoliPants are soft and snug fitting. Designed to keep the pad neatly in position and easy to use.
  • Soft material, longer leg joint and no side seams.
  • Allows for secure fix of pad with adhesive strip.
  • Re-usable - washable at 60C. Can be tumble dried at low heat.
  • Can be washed up to 50 times without losing elasticity or softness.
You can buy Molipants in 2 or 6 unit packs

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