Pull Ups SP4

dryfella Pull Ups Starter Pack 4

Pull Ups
Starter Pack 4
2 x MoliCare MOBILE 6D
2 x Abri-Flex Zero

PullUp Starter Pack dryfella-309

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  dryfella Pull Ups SP4 Starter Pack contains 4 items, two MoliCare Premium Mobile 6D Pull Ups and two Abri-Flex Zero Pull Ups. Delivered in plain packaging for discreet security.

Two pairs of each so you can experience both the look and feel of these pants.

Check size information below, then
ADD TO CART the size required for Starter Pack 4.

     MoliCare Mobile 6D                         Abri-Flex Zero 

         Small (900-1200mls)                      Medium (800mls)
         Medium (1300-1500mls)                Medium (800mls)

         Large (1300-1700mls)                     Large (800mls)

Starter Pack Sizing

Size S
Size M
Size L

Starter Pack 4, Size S 
(50-80cm or 20-32ins)
Starter Pack 4, Size M 
(70-120cm or 27-47ins)
Starter Pack 4, Size  
(100-150cm or 40-59ins)
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