Light - shield, pouch, pad - real solutions.

Light products have a 100-400 mls capacity.

For light leakage, try these products first - they may be just the solution you are looking for. These are a really modern way to solve light leakage. Light, small, comfortable, designed just for men, highly absorbent and disposable. ATTENDS shields are ultra thin so do not bulk out underpants. ATTENDS 2 has twice the capacity of ATTENDS 1ACTIVE is a user choice - pouch style.  PROTECT is a pad style for more capacity (300-400mls).

          ATTENDS 1               ATTENDS 2                  ACTIVE                                PROTECT
Attends dryfella CCAAttends dryfella CCAMolicare Active dryfella CCAMolicare Protect dryfella CCA
    SHIELD                       SHIELD                             POUCH PAD             COMFY PAD                       
    (100-189 mls)             (190-250 mls)                    (210-300 mls)            (300-400 mls)                
All are worn inside normal snug-fitting underpants.  Held in place with adhesive strip.
Disposable - deodorized - high absorbency.
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