Moderate - pads, pull-ups solutions for men.

Moderate products absorb 300 - 900 mls. Designed for men. Deodorized. Disposable.

Abri-Man Premium FORMULA 1 (450 mls) & Abri-Man Premium FORMULA 2 (700 mls) - shaped pads worn in your normal snug-fitting underwear. 
Abri-San PREMIUM 3 (500 mls) & Abri-San PREMIUM 4 (800 mls) - best worn with purpose-designed underwear - see MoliPants and Abri-Fix Net pants.
MoliCare Pad 4 Drop (600-900 mls) [Previously called MoliMed Comfort Maxi.] For best results, wear with purpose-designed underpants.
Abri-Flex ZERO Pull-ups. Available in Medium and Large - capacity (800 mls).

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